Feb. 22nd, 2004

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So, this weekend I went on a mini shopping spree: Bought the Lost in Translation DVD and the Benny and Joon DVD and two Coldplay CDs.
Friday night we went out to eat at Red Robin. Yummy!
Saturday I went to get a haircut, which I was pleased with, but I can never seem to make it look as good as the hairdresser does, so that's a bit annoying. She made it all cool and flippy in the back and today it just looks blah.
Saturday afternoon I went to Ruby Tuesday with my mom and grandma. More yummy food.
Saturday night Rachel spent the night and we had a mini deppathon. Watched What's Eating Gilbert Grape? and Sleepy Hollow, and this morning we watched Edward Scissorhands. Me and my dad just went to see In America. It was really good...
And now I'm sitting here instead of doing my homework and wondering how I'm gonna find an English connection between now and Tuesday...

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