Mar. 24th, 2004

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So, Kerri needs to decide whether or not she wants a costume for Otakon. (And remember to get a check to pay Beth back -- Thanks Bethy. ^_^ )
Only thing about costumes is it needs to be fairly cheap because my mom won't spend money on me to wear something for only two or three days and I don't really want to spend an excessive amount of my own money. Suggestions, anyone?

Aaaaand I have a lot of stuff to do today:
-finish writing my field lab
-find the usb cord for the camera and upload my pics for my field lab
-geosystems project
-connections for English
-three words for English
-notes for English
-geosystems homework 14

Wow, this should be fun...

And this weekend I want to:
-possibly go and see if there are any fall clothes still on sale so I can by myself a nice jacket (or just go to the thrift store and see if they have anything interesting there, but I think I'd prefer new) Actually, what I'd prefer to do is go hunt down Dom and Elijah and steal their jackets... ^_^
-buy new socks -_- fun.
-get my bed? (oooh... I like this one... and this one... and this one...) (this bed has cool bedside tables, though...)
-try to make the LOTR website for Laura's pictures
-read more of On The Road
-look for colleges... -_-

Hmmm... I wonder if I can paint my bookshelves... Because if I can, then I don't need to spend as much money on buy new ones... And then maybe I could make them really cool-looking. Paint a mural on them or something... Oooh, fun.

And now I actually have to do something in journalism. Yay.

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