Mar. 26th, 2004

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Yay! It's Friday! I'm going to International Night tonight, tomorrow I'm hopefully going to get my bed. Going out for dinner or shopping or something with Beth and Rachel afterwards. Sunday, I get to go see Eternal Sunshine with Laura. The only bad thing about this weekend is that I have to finish my field lab, but that'll take all of an hour or two. And I have geometry and geosystems homework. So yay!

So I went to GSA yesterday and that was fun. And then afterwards Theresa started introducing me to all her friends. (Thanks, Theresa. ^__^)

And today's a B-day and we have a sub in journalism so I get to do nothing all class.

Yay for fanart! And yay for Sirius/Remus fanart. Now I just have to remember to actually look at these when I get home...
And just so I remember, the pretty Harry Potter fanart is here.

Aaaaaand I really need to get around to making that website for Laura's LOTR drawings, because they're so cool and I want other people to see them, too. ^_^

And I think I'm basically done, now. Ja bai bai!
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Very cool article. I wanna go there.

And note to self: go join FAKE lj groups when you get home.

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