Mar. 29th, 2004

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English was long. Geometry was boring. Geosystems is... geosystems. Weather is blah. Day is bad.

So, weekend summary. Didn't go to International Night on Friday because I was lazy and I would've been lonely and it was much more fun to stay home and read fanfics. I love you, tarotgal. You're so awesome.
Saturday I went to lunch and shopping with Bethy and Rachel. And it was uber-fun. Ate at Bennigan's, had a yummy salad, then went to Dry Ice, Abercrombie, Build-A-Bear, Forever 21, Pottery Barn Kids, and Hot Topic, not in that order. So we went to Abercrombie first, because some crazy relative of Bethy's gave her a gift certificate. Abercrombie is scary, and loud, and I would actually like some of those clothes if I had a supermodel body, but I don't... so I don't. Next we went to Pottery Barn Kids. Omgsofuzzy! Stuffed animals are the most awesomest things in the world. They're sooooo soft. But the plush globe was stupid. It didn't have New Zealand. -_-
So next we went to Dry Ice and looked at all the crazy stuff (Bethy has pictures). Then we went to Build-A-Bear and looked at the dead bears and wanted to buy Sumisu-chan a whore poodle. Next was Forever 21, where we had fun fashion shows with the scary clothes. Fishnets are uncomfortable. And I found a really nice green corduroy shirt but it had a hole in it and it was $23 anyway. Oh, well.
After that we went to Hot Topic and watched Rachel drool over the Deppage. And I found a Sirius Black shirt and I want it sooooooooo much but it's so expensive. And it's really huge on me because it's a guy's shirt.
And then we went to Auntie Anne's and I got a pretzel and Rachel got lemonade. *does Edward Scissorhands voice* Lemonade? Bleeaaargh!
So that was the mall trip. It was fun. Needs to become a tradition, methinks.

Sunday I did my homework. -_- Then I went to see Eternal Sunshine with Laura and it was really good, but oh man, that movie messed with my brain. I think my brain's still kinda messed up even today... Really need to go see it again just to try to understand it more. And Elijah laughed! And it was so funny! Because his laugh is all weird and high-pitched. Afterwards, we walked around the shopping center and hung out in Borders. That was fun. And and and and and damn I forgot what I was going to say oh yeah! And I got to angry-kick Laura's purse and that was fun. Except that I made all the stuff in her purse spill out on the ground and we had to pick it up. Sorry, Laura. I talk to religion about you!

And now my stomach hurts and I'm gonna go sleep while Rachel does her geosystems lab.

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