Apr. 1st, 2004

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To Do List

Apr. 1st, 2004 08:46 am
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So, sometime fairly soon, probably not today since I'll be at Vicki's all night, I need to:
-find a pic for a new lj background
-watch teh deppage
-read MT
-read arcana
-read ohmygods
-delete kazaa from computer
-re-format lj
-clean my room
-work on story for writing camp
-read books for English
-go through college mail
-make a back-up CD of music
-buy a paid account lj...
-possibly plan a birthday party b/c my birthday's in less than two weeks and i don't have anything planned. eep!
-think that's enough things to have to do?

Woot, that was fun. And this chair is lopsided or something. I hope it doesn't fall apart on me.

Man, I've been looking at all these LOTR lj icons and now I feel like going and watching the FOTR and TT EE DVDs. Wow, look at that. Six abbreviations all in one sentence. God, I'm bored. ^_^

This chair is squeaky. I'm one of the main editor people on the Watchpup and I get the squeaky chair. How unfair is that?

I can't believe it's only two days until spring break! That feels so weird. I've been waiting for it for a month and now it's finally here.

Oooh! And The Matrix: Revolutions DVD comes out in a few days! Then I can finally see it. ^_^ Gyaaaaaah! I can't find anywhere that's playing Ned Kelly. I wanna see that. And I really wanna see Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind again. I think I need to go see ROTK again at least one more time, too. I've only seen it four times so far. That's really sad... :(

And now class is over. Bye.

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