Apr. 13th, 2004

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So the highlights of my spring break: buying two new CDs, reading lots of books, and my birthday. Oh, and finally picking out a bed.

I bought the Eternal Sunshine soundtrack and the Lost in Translation soundtrack, both of which are pretty good.
Over spring break I read: Whale Rider, The Tale of Despereaux, On The Road, The Professor's House, The Lovely Bones, and The Well of Lost Plots. (Actually, still reading a couple of them...) and they were all good except for On The Road which is the most annoying school book so far this year.
On my birthday I got two cakes (yum!) one raspberry and chocolate mousse, and one blueberry with lemon icing. And I love all my birthday presentses. Got: pandemoniumfromamerica (the CD that Viggo, Eljiah, Dom, Billy, couple other people made). It's really quite interesting. Got Signlanguage, Viggo's art book, which didn't really have as many LOTR pics as I'd hoped, but it's still pretty. Got some clothes, some money, a gift certificate, a new watch, and a Nausicaa graphic novel.

And I picked out a new headboard for my bed, which means that very soon I'll get to move my whole room arrangement around and get rid of a bunch of junk and basically do what I've been wanting to do since January.

And I've just realized that livejournal is really kinda pointless because I'm basically just sitting here talking to myself and so now I'm going to go and read... or write... or something...

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