Apr. 27th, 2004

Angry Day

Apr. 27th, 2004 07:53 am
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Goddamnit... I hate this computer. I just accidentally hit the wrong key and it took me to a different website and deleted the post I was working on. Luckily I wasn't that far into it. I've just been complaining about how I really need a beta, or at least someone to help me with just this one piece, because it's reeeeeeally bad and I need help.
And I wish I could have the journalism office all to myself, because it's too loud in here. And I was reading a really good HP fic at home and I wanna go home and keep reading it. *cry*
*whimpergrumblesob* Kerri wants to go home...
littlelostsoul9: (Default)
So yeah, second update a minute after the first one. I'll try to be happier in this one, though.
I'm thinking after the SATs on Saturday I want to go see Eternal Sunshine again and let my brain melt.
And Troy comes out in a couple of weeks! Awesomeness!
Okay, nevermind... I'm bored now and can't think of anything to write. Byebyes.

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