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Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh......... I can't figure out why my background picture won't work... It keeps showing up as that stupid Angelfire pictures thing. -_-

Took the history SOL today. It was evil, because Ms. Truesdell hasn't taught us anything all year... And the fact that we only learned up to WWII when we were supposed to learn up to present day. So there were a few Vietnam questions that I had trouble on.

Finally got my AP Psych book today, so I can start on my summer assignment.

And I think now I'm gonna go read or something...

Date: 2004-05-17 07:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
cool, your taking psych next year! you will learn a lot all year, and you will EASILY ace the AP test in May. The only bad part is that Mr Hoskins can be a real douche bag sometimes. well, all the time pretty much. Watch out for all his jesus will suck you in =X

But yeah, i'd recommend reading the book. not because it really helps you in any way, but mostly because its a really interesting read. I loved reading it when i did...which was pretty much never except for the intro and 1st chapter. but anywho, yeah great class. really easy. good luck!!


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