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*sings* Return of the King comes out today, Return of the King comes out today! *squeal of joy*
I'm so excited. Can't wait to go home so I can go pick it up. And I really hope my grandma manages to get me that Entertainment Weekly, cuz that'd be awesome.
Went to Target last night and I bought the Whale Rider DVD and a Pippin in armor action figure. ^_^ Was happy for the rest of the night, because I had my hobbit and New Zealand accents.
And it's looking very dark today so I hope it thunderstorms or something.

Okay, so I saw Troy Friday night.

It was pretty good. The battle scenes I thought could have been better, and there was a little more of Brad Pitt than I wanted to see, but Bloomy made up for it. The whole ankle-hugging thing... So cute. ^_^ Oh, and Patroclus. Yay for him. Sad when he died, too. The whole throat gurgling noises thing made me wanna hug him. It was like, "God, Hector, just kill him now! Please! Don't make him suffer anymore..."
Sean Bean I was a little disappointed in, just because Odysseus was soooo much like Boromir. But he was still cool.
Ha! And then Helen of Troy was on A&E (I think) on Sunday, and John Rhys-Davies played Priam! So three LOTR people all in movies about Troy! *heehee*

Ah, now I have to go work on my Japanese project before I forget... Byebye!
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