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Okay, so I saw HP last night.

I had to see it at the Centreville theater, (meh -_- ) cuz Hoyts was sold out till 9:40, but at least I still saw it. It was definitely my favorite of the three so far. There was some stuff that they left out, which is understandable, and a few things they changed a bit, but I wasn't horribly disappointed at anything. Except for maybe Lupin's werewolf, just because I always imagined him as a real wolf and not that hairless, demony, emaciated thing. But Sirius holding onto him during the transformation and trying to calm him down made up for that! Cuteness!

Oh, and my absolute favorite line in the film: When Snape said something about Remus and Sirius bickering "like an old married couple". Yeah!

Pettigrew was a little too ratlike for me, but I guess if he's been stuck as a rat for 12 years he would act a little like that.

Lupin was fantastic, even though he wasn't my Lupin. He still did a pretty decent job at playing the character and being all mentory and stuff. That mustache still annoys me, though. And his hair color is all reddish instead of being golden brown with gray.
Sirius was also fairly good.
Ooooh, and the Dementors were creepy. I always imagined them with feet, but the floating thing worked okay.
Dumbledore was good. He's still not Richard Harris, but I kind of like that he didn't try to fill Harris's shoes. It was Dumbledore still, but in a different way, so it worked.
I liked Fred and George, too. Loved the new hairstyle.

Does anyone else think Malfoy was really wimpy in this one? He was less little evil bastard and more stupid comic relief.

Ummmmm... I liked the overall style of this one better than the last two. Liked how the kids had more individuality in this one. I think they've definitely gotten better from the first movie.
And it was nice how this movie had more transitions, whereas the last two were a little choppy sometimes. I liked the use of the Whomping Willow for the season changes. (That poor bird, though. Awww...)

Oooh, and I liked how they still worked in Trelawney's prophecy thing, even though they didn't have the final exams. I was a little worried that they'd skip it.

Missed seeing more of Diagon Alley this time, and I wished that Hagrid had sent Harry the Monster Book of Monsters instead of Fudge just buying it for him. Crookshanks also came into the story a little too quickly. Hermione just suddenly had this cat.

Okay, that's pretty much all I can think of right now. Overall, I'd give the movie a B+ in just being a movie, a B in staying with the book. It's definitely worth at least one more viewing.

Date: 2004-06-06 07:50 am (UTC)
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Yeah, Malfoy was really wimpy/pointless, but I think he didn't really have much of a role to play either. [I haven't read book 3 in a looong time, but I don't remember him doing anything important?] And since the movie was already 2.5ish hours long, they couldn't really spend a lot of time with Malfoy's characterization [since he wasn't needed in the plot and he doesn't have much character to begin with], but they knew they'd get yelled at for not including Malfoy at all.
Or at least, that's my take on it.

Oh man. When I heard the married couple bit, I thought, "I bet Kerri loved that line." =D

Date: 2004-06-07 04:54 am (UTC)
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Okay, that's true. He didn't have much of a point in the third book. But I still wish he had been a little more evil.

Re: Married Couple - Oh, yeah. I definitely gave a little squeak of joy in the theater at that point. ^_^

Date: 2004-06-07 04:55 am (UTC)
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Ah! And one more thing! They spelled Moony's name wrong! It said 'Mooney' instead of 'Moony'. Grrrr to Alfonso Cuaron. Unless it's spelled that way in the British version or something, in which case I wouldn't be too upset, but if it's not, how could they not catch something as obvious as that?! Doesn't JKR know how to spell her own characters' names???

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