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Alright, I think I've decided what classes I'm taking next year:
AP English
Trig/Math Analysis
Japanese 3
Latin 1
AP Psychology

Really don't want to take the math or science, but I want to get the advanced diploma so I have to... -_- And I wish I could just take the equivalency test and go straight from Japanese 2 to Japanese 4 to get away from the stupid people in my class, but sensei said that you learn a lot of stuff in Japanese 3 and it would be hard to do. Hey, Bethy or Tim or someone in Japanese 3, what d'you think? If I studied the Japanese 3 book for like the rest of the year, could I do it? Because that'd be really cool if I could go straight to Japanese 4.

Anyway, I'm in journalism again and we have a substitute so we're not doing anything... Oh wait, we never do anything. This should be called LJ-updating class and not Journalism. We've been working on our little 9th and 10th grade newspaper for months and we're still not done. I think it was supposed to be finished in January, and here it is the end of February and we still haven't finished it.

Okay, that was a little creepy. The school computer guy just came in and walked around the room and I'm sitting here updating my journal... eep.

Hidalgo comes out next weekend. Yay for the Viggo-ness of it all. Hopefully I'll get to go see it and next weekend will be infinitely better than this weekend's going to be. I have to do a history project, a Japanese project, and an English essay, all due next week and none of which I've even started working on. Damn my habit of procrastinating! The history project's really quite stupid, though. I have to make a "visual essay," which is basically printing out a bunch of pictures and then writing one thesis sentence on the back on what I think was the most important aspect of the late 1800's. All it's going to do is waste a lot of my printer ink and paper... I don't see why I can't just write a normal essay. It'd be so much easier and so much faster and require so much less cutting and pasting and generally being creative.

Stayed after for Book Club yesterday and misssed GSA, I think. What'd we do? Book club was fun, though. We watched Cold Comfort Farm, which I haven't seen in a long time, and it was funny. Although my mom got a bit mad at me that I stayed until after the buses had left to finish the movie and she had to come pick me up... This is why I wish I could drive... Should've gotten my permit a lot earlier.

Is anyone else sick of winter yet? I just want it to be warm, so I can maybe try going outside and being human instead of staying in the computer room all day... and I'm sick of wearing all these layers that are so big and bulky. Dumb jacket always gets tangled up in my backpack straps somehow and it's reeeally annoying.

Good god, these people are loud and obnoxious... And I'm having fun trying to catch up on reading Oh My Gods! I'm almost to September of 2003. Woohoo.

I'm ready to go home and sleep now. Okay, yeah, now I've come to the point where I'm just saying stuff just to say something. So maybe I should go ahead and update my journal, yeah?

*goes to study for Japanese test*

Date: 2004-02-27 04:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Your curriculum's probably a little different from ours, but I'll see what there is to say about this year...
Of course, there's the kanji. I think J3 has... 150? 180? kanji. Sumisu-chan probably knows the specifics better than I. If you're good at kanji, you can probably pull it off.
Lots of vocab. That's my biggest weakness, but if you're good at learning vocab [and studious about learning it], it shouldn't be a problem.
Not a lot of crazygrammar, I think. It might actually be easier to learn it all at once... The only other thing is culture, which we've done exponentially more of this year. But that stuff's not too hard to pick up [it's just more vocab, essentially].

At the very least, if you studied J3 stuff and just couldn't skip out of it, you can start learning J4 stuff while you're in J3. *nodnod*
And I volunteer to field any questions about confusing stuff in the books, if you need it.

Date: 2004-02-28 10:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wow, that's a lot of kanji... but I think I could do it if I studied enough. Well, I guess I'll ask sensei about it again and see what she thinks.

What textbook do you guys use? The Yookoso one?

And Bethy, you're awesome for actually responding to my LJ posts! ^_^

Date: 2004-02-28 05:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
We use the "Learn Japanese" textbooks. Those boring softcover yellow ones with [almost] no pictures. I recall you guys using those for a bit in J1?
It would be meaaaaaan not to respond! And being mean isn't... um.... nice.

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