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Just popping in to keep this journal from being deleted. That's all! :D
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So I haven't updated since the end of October. Really tend to go through these intense posting periods followed by long non-posty periods. Aaanyway...

I'm working on a Buffy fic -- well, Spike fic, actually -- and I need an editor. Still not quite satisfied with it and I want some help. Anyone interested?

Okay, yeah, I'm bored now and my typing is really loud cuz I'm in physics and there's only three people in the class right now so we're not doing anything. So, yeah, done for now...
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Okay, so I had a random thought last night, and this question may have no answer at all, but:

Why, when someone's toasting you do they say, "Here, here!", but when they're comforting you, they say, "There, there."?

Just an interesting little thought...
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Your Lord of the Rings Vacation by dr_fabulous
Favourite colour
Lucky day
You spend your holiday withViggo Mortensen
Where?The Scottish highlands
You spend your daysFeeding each other exotic food
... and your nightsSleeping. Just sleeping.
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So, here it is, almost 9:00, and I told myself I was going to start working on my homework an hour ago. Gaaaaaah....
Why do all of our books have to be so boring? Actually, two of my three books wouldn't be so boring if I didn't have to take notes, it's just the notes part that makes it hell. But there's no good part of The Prince, whether or not I had to take notes. It's just a boring, boring book... *sigh* Guess I'll go work on it now...

Oh, hey, quick question: Does anyone know why my pics from angelfire won't load on my lj?
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Elrohir and Elladan, the two spunky princes of
Rivendell are your twinnish companions!!

Who are your TWINNISH companions?
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Squee! Cutest story ever! Well, maybe not ever, but pretty darn cute. ^____^

What's taters, precious? And this is quite hilarious.
So is this.
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Okay, so the first time I update in two months and I'm begging for lj codes. Does anyone have 2 activation codes they could give me, pretty pleeeeeeease? I'm trying to start up a group and I've run out of codes.
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River - You are attracted to secretive, artistic
personas -- you can't seem to resist those with
a passion for creative endeavours. They can be
selfish and/or intense; don't take it
personally or let them overwhelm you. Engage
them with your intellect.

Which Firefly girl do you belong with?
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Hello, world. I'm having problems, most of the self-hating variety. Anyone good at giving general advice?
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Okay, so I saw HP last night. Happy Spoilerage Here )
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(Okay, so all you other people can just not pay attention to this post. ^_^ )

R: Konnichi wa.
K: Konnichi wa. Ii tenki ne.
R: Hai, demo kesa yori kinou no hou ga ii tenki datta.
K: Aa, hai. Kinou wa takusan hare datta.
R: Hai, yokatta. Sore de ichinichijuu soto ni ita.
K: Soto ni nani wo shita.
R: Soto ni purojekkuto wo shite, hirugohan wo tabeta.
K: Aa, sou. Dou datta ka.
R: Tanoshikute, omoshirokute, oishikatta. Anata no hi wa dou datta ka.
K: Mooru e itte, hon wo kaite, eigakan de eiga wo mita. Eiga ga omoshirokute, kirei datta. Bishounen wa kawaikatta.
R: Natsu yasumi ni nani wo surun deshou ka.
K: Watashi wa furorida e iku.
R: Furorida ni nani wo surun deshou ka.
K: Disunii e iku.
R: Disunii warudo no yasumi wa nangatsu.
K: Shichigatsu.
R: Hontou? Watashi mo shichigatsu ni disunii warudo e iku.
K: Masaka. Disunii ni aun deshou ka.
R: Ii yo. Majiku Kyaasuru ni aimashou.
K: Yakusoku da yo.
R: Yasumi no mae ni denwa de hanashimashou.
K: Hai. Ja mata ne.
R: Ja mata.
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Woo, nice icons. Here and here.

So, meh. Back in school. -_- Totemo suck desu. Memorial Day Weekend was uneventful, except for seeing Jessie! And filming in Bull Run. And having half a dozen balloons attack me and Theresa in her jeep. And asking random guys to be in our film. (Thank you, Brave Theresa!)
Wanted to go to the pool, but I never got the chance, and it wasn't really all that hot outside, which was a little disappointing.
Harry Potter comes out this Friday! Wheee! Anyone wanna go see it?

Methinks I need to make my livejournal prettier. I'm getting a bit bored with it...

Yay for today being a B-day, and thus, a ridiculously easy day. The only bad part about it is that I have to drag this insanely large yearbook around with me, just so I can get people to sign it. *cries, for the TJ people (and Laura) are no longer here to sign my yearbook* I think I need to have an Otani's/Matsu Sushi yearbook-signing party. ^_^

My chair is squeaky... how mean.

Okay, so I think I'm done for now. Yeah.
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I have to read this story when I get home. And this is just cute.
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*sings* Return of the King comes out today, Return of the King comes out today! *squeal of joy*
I'm so excited. Can't wait to go home so I can go pick it up. And I really hope my grandma manages to get me that Entertainment Weekly, cuz that'd be awesome.
Went to Target last night and I bought the Whale Rider DVD and a Pippin in armor action figure. ^_^ Was happy for the rest of the night, because I had my hobbit and New Zealand accents.
And it's looking very dark today so I hope it thunderstorms or something.

Okay, so I saw Troy Friday night. Review here. )

Ah, now I have to go work on my Japanese project before I forget... Byebye!

New Poem

May. 21st, 2004 09:54 am
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So I wrote a new poem during Japanese class today. It's posted on but I don't like the formatting, so I'll post it here, too. If you wanna review you can review at either place.

The Last Second )
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Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh......... I can't figure out why my background picture won't work... It keeps showing up as that stupid Angelfire pictures thing. -_-

Took the history SOL today. It was evil, because Ms. Truesdell hasn't taught us anything all year... And the fact that we only learned up to WWII when we were supposed to learn up to present day. So there were a few Vietnam questions that I had trouble on.

Finally got my AP Psych book today, so I can start on my summer assignment.

And I think now I'm gonna go read or something...
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So on Tuesday night the moon was really pretty. Very big and golden. And I was wondering if the moon had a special name when it was like that. Found a site this morning about the phases of the moon and stuff, and apparently it was called the Flower Moon. *does Jack Sparrow voice* That's veeery interesting...
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Ahhhh........ I don't know what to do. My computer has the w32.hllw.Gaobot.gen virus and I'm trying to figure out what to do. I could either try to manually remove the virus, which is a little scary cuz I'm not sure how to do that (I do have the instructions, though, so I guess I could figure it out). Or I could just wipe the hard drive clean but I'm not sure how to do that either. And I don't know which one would be easier to do. Help..... *sob*
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