Jan. 24th, 2004

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Wheee! Today I helped my mom strip the wallpaper in the hallway and in my brother's room. So that was kinda fun. And I'm wearing this old comfortable button-down guy's shirt that I thought I was gonna get dirty when I was working but I didn't so now I'm wearing that and I love it and I wanna go out and buy some. ^_^
Ummmm.... I really need a paid account for livejournal (my birthday's in april ^_~ ), because I really want all the nice stuff that comes with paid accounts.

SATs were this morning. They were okay, but it got kind of tiring sitting there for four hours with just a five minute break during the whole thing and the snow was falling outside and it was pretty. Yuuuukiiiii....
And then afterwards my family picked me up and we went out for mexican food. I had a chicken taco salad and it wasn't that good... kinda dry... oh, well.

And, um... four-day weekend! Yay! Hope I don't have a whole lot of homework... I forgot what I have to do... And maybe I should put all my stuff back into my new!closet so that I can actually walk across my room without having to jump over piles of stuff...

And now my brother's watching Star Wars and I'm gonna go watch it with him cuz I'm bored...

Ja bai bai!

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