Mar. 2nd, 2004


Mar. 2nd, 2004 06:13 am
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(Oh my god... there's a spider on the floor... Die, child of Shelob!)

Okay, so I was happy happy happy that ROTK won everything, only I think what they should've done is made like a big masterpiece award for ROTK and then other people could've won in the categories ROTK was nominated for, too. Either that or have second place or something. Because if this hadn't been ROTK year, there were a lot of good movies that deserved awards, too. Oh well. I'm still happy.
Sooooooo glad that Into the West got best song. Except that I felt bad for poor Annie Lennox. She was nervous, she sounded like Enya when Enya sang "May It Be" in 2002. Both wonderful songs on the soundtrack, but not very good in live performances.
Watched the E! preshow rerun last night w/ Joan Rivers. My god, that woman's annoying. I wish she would ask them more about the movies instead of "Who are you wearing? Who are you wearing? Who are you wearing?" And then she saw the hobbits on the red carpet and said, "Come over here, Lord of the Rings people," and had them introduce themselves! I mean, she could at least know who Elijah Wood is. But it was funny. Sean talking to his brother on the cell phone. "He says, take off the glasses. Okay, that's better."
And Dom tickled Billy's chin and Billy said, "Get off," all annoyed-like. Yay for that little RPS-y moment. ^_^
Johnny should've won for Best Actor. Or Bill Murray. I loved him in Lost in Translation. Stupid Sean Penn... I mean, I guess I can't judge, because I haven't seen Mystic River yet, and he was good in the clips that I saw, but still... And Bill Murray looked so disappointed.
Keisha Castle-Hughes or Samantha Morton should've won Best Actress... but I didn't see Monster, either, so maybe Charlize was good.
Oh, and like [ profile] bishiefishie said, Keisha was so cute: "Who do you wanna meet the most?" "Johnny Depp." "Why?" "Because he's a stud."
And then the guy introduced her to Johnny and they were both like, "Hi... Nice to meet you... Hi... Congratulations... Hi..."
(Whale Rider was on Oxygen last night! Didn't get to watch the whole thing, though...)

Anyway, that's my general Oscar summary, I think. Need to go find lots of pretty pictures when I get home. Now, off to school!

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