Mar. 31st, 2004

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Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... dumb teacher gave us a B because I printed out the older copy of the website before Rachel made more changes. So what we should've done is made next and back buttons, and I should've actually typed out the http://... stuff on the bibliography because she didn't look at the fucking website. She just looked at our printout and saw the names of the websites and said she couldn't tell what they were. And then we tried to show her that we did have it right and she was a bitch about it and said she wouldn't change our grade. I mean, yeah, we got a B, but I wanted an A, dammit! And we had concise notes! Short and to the point and not a whole page of 10 point font stuff! We didn't just read off the screen like all the idiots in the class.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Anyway, I'm happy because I don't have any geometry again for another week and a half! *pet pets the Rachel who still has geometry* And I don't have to be in this stupid class with all these losers (except Rachel!) for another week and a half. And I brought a salad for lunch! Yay! Real food! Salad dressing leaked a little, though... :( And now we still have more stupid presentations to listen to and they're all stupid.

Oh! Funny moment in English this morning. We all brought donuts and stuff for a big breakfast and at one point they were all sitting on Jessica's desk and Mr. Paugh came over and leaned over all of us to grab the donuts and it took him two or three tries and he almost toppled the other box trying to get to them. Silly teacher. But I love that class because we never really do much. We went over the notes we did last class on an essay and then Mr. Paugh went off on a tangent and never came back. That class is so fun. But it's so unbearably hot in there! It was at near-suffocation level at one point...

And Ms. LeGros says "Let's get through as many of the presentations as we can today." We've been sitting here twenty minujktes (which would've been 'minutes' if Rachel hadn't attacked my head with a beaker) and we still haven't done anything yet...

Beaker conches! And flask conches! You can hear the... well, not the ocean, but the pipes... if you put your ear up to them. Except for that there are no pipes anywhere nearby so it's kinda weird. But it's like when you go underwater in the bathtub and you can hear the water going through the water pipes. That's what it was like.

Bitchbitchbitchbitchbitch... hate the stupid geosystems teacher...

This is kinda like when we were doing English journals and I'd just ramble for awhile to fill up space.... And I doubt Mr. Paugh ever looked at those... Lazy teachers, all of them.

And I think I'm pretty much done now. Byebyes.

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