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Aaaaaah, there's so much to do.
I have SATs on Saturday, an AP test on Monday, Part II of The Professor's House due tomorrow, a Japanese project due I don't know when, and a Film Studies project due May 17th. And a writing camp submission due May 15th. Can life get any more crazy???
And I got new glasses yesterday and I'm not sure if I like them or not. Everything's reeeally sharp, almost too sharp. And the ground always looks like it's sloping for some reason. And either it's messing up my depth perception or everything's just sharper than it was before, because things look a little weird...

Wow... I just started exploring's picture galleries and oh my god, there are a lot of pictures. *is quite overwhelmed*
Dom and Orli! Ha!
So that was fun. melting...
Speaking of brain melting, I really wanna go see Eternal Sunshine again.
And I can't decide whether or not I want to go to the Coffee House tomorrow night.
And there's a new JoA episode tomorrow! Finally!!!
And Cold Comfort Farm is on Bravo on Saturday! *needs to remember to tape that*
Good god, it's almost the end of class already. And I meant to try to read some of the Professor's House during this class. Oops...
Anyway, ttyl, peoples!
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So yeah, second update a minute after the first one. I'll try to be happier in this one, though.
I'm thinking after the SATs on Saturday I want to go see Eternal Sunshine again and let my brain melt.
And Troy comes out in a couple of weeks! Awesomeness!
Okay, nevermind... I'm bored now and can't think of anything to write. Byebyes.

Angry Day

Apr. 27th, 2004 07:53 am
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Goddamnit... I hate this computer. I just accidentally hit the wrong key and it took me to a different website and deleted the post I was working on. Luckily I wasn't that far into it. I've just been complaining about how I really need a beta, or at least someone to help me with just this one piece, because it's reeeeeeally bad and I need help.
And I wish I could have the journalism office all to myself, because it's too loud in here. And I was reading a really good HP fic at home and I wanna go home and keep reading it. *cry*
*whimpergrumblesob* Kerri wants to go home...
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So, journalism again. Fun fun fun.
I'm happy, I got a new bed yesterday! It's a double bed now so it's reeeeeeally big. ^_^ I was getting so sick of that bunk bed.
So today Heavenly Creatures is on Bravo at 4:00. I'm gonna try to watch that, see if it's good. Joan of Arcadia is on tonight and I'm hoping it'll be the rerun I haven't seen before. I'm a little confused, though, because the TV Guide says it's the one that I missed that I've been wanting to see, but the DirecTV guide thing says it's the Joan of Arc episode. So I don't know what it's going to be...

I'm still trying to work on my story for my writing camp... it's not working very well. I think I need a beta reader... Is anybody a beta, or have one they can recommend? I really want help on this story. It doesn't work, and I'm not sure it's even following the prompt that I'm supposed to write on.

Seeking: Beta Reader
For fanfiction as well as original fiction.
RPS, h/c, slash, and gay-friendly.
HP, LOTR, and lotrips are my main fandoms.
Needs to be willing to help with ideas and plot.
(I'm already pretty good at grammar and spelling.)

Okay, so I can't write newspaper ad things. You get the idea.

Aaaaaaaaaaah, I'm supposed to write this welcome to Westfield article for journalism and I can't think of anything good to write because I sound stupid and overly cheerful and I'm not a 'get involved with your class' type of person so I don't really know what to say to them... *think think think*
I want to go home and finish my book in silence. The Lovely Bones is a really good book, by the way, for those of you that haven't read it yet.

Woohoo! I get out of history class early today! Thank god for eye doctor appointments!
And I think I'm going to stop talking now. See ya laters.
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That is a really pretty picture. I love Elfwood. ^_^

And this picture's pretty, too.
And this.
And this. Good god, all of the pictures on here are so amazing. I really need to practice drawing. I wanna learn to draw like that...
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So, anyway, I have a bit of a dilemma regarding my birthday party plans. I want to have it on Saturday, but if I do then Theresa can't come and since I only have 5 people invited I kinda want everybody to come.... goddammit.

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So the highlights of my spring break: buying two new CDs, reading lots of books, and my birthday. Oh, and finally picking out a bed.

I bought the Eternal Sunshine soundtrack and the Lost in Translation soundtrack, both of which are pretty good.
Over spring break I read: Whale Rider, The Tale of Despereaux, On The Road, The Professor's House, The Lovely Bones, and The Well of Lost Plots. (Actually, still reading a couple of them...) and they were all good except for On The Road which is the most annoying school book so far this year.
On my birthday I got two cakes (yum!) one raspberry and chocolate mousse, and one blueberry with lemon icing. And I love all my birthday presentses. Got: pandemoniumfromamerica (the CD that Viggo, Eljiah, Dom, Billy, couple other people made). It's really quite interesting. Got Signlanguage, Viggo's art book, which didn't really have as many LOTR pics as I'd hoped, but it's still pretty. Got some clothes, some money, a gift certificate, a new watch, and a Nausicaa graphic novel.

And I picked out a new headboard for my bed, which means that very soon I'll get to move my whole room arrangement around and get rid of a bunch of junk and basically do what I've been wanting to do since January.

And I've just realized that livejournal is really kinda pointless because I'm basically just sitting here talking to myself and so now I'm going to go and read... or write... or something...
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Interesting. But apparently it will have Johnny and Viggo and Ewan McGregor. So yeah.

It's the day before spring break, which basically means that nobody's here and that we're either watching movies or doing nothing in all of my classes. Yay!

And today was Sumisu-chan's last day at Westfield. *cry* Everybody's leeeaving...

Okay, I'm more than a little bit bored. I think that maybe I'll go to the ledge and read? Oh, I don't know... there's nowhere comfortable to be in this school...

Okay, so they're watching October Sky in the classroom next door and I can see it through the window in the door so I'm gonna go watch that. Byebye.

To Do List

Apr. 1st, 2004 08:46 am
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So, sometime fairly soon, probably not today since I'll be at Vicki's all night, I need to:
-find a pic for a new lj background
-watch teh deppage
-read MT
-read arcana
-read ohmygods
-delete kazaa from computer
-re-format lj
-clean my room
-work on story for writing camp
-read books for English
-go through college mail
-make a back-up CD of music
-buy a paid account lj...
-possibly plan a birthday party b/c my birthday's in less than two weeks and i don't have anything planned. eep!
-think that's enough things to have to do?

Woot, that was fun. And this chair is lopsided or something. I hope it doesn't fall apart on me.

Man, I've been looking at all these LOTR lj icons and now I feel like going and watching the FOTR and TT EE DVDs. Wow, look at that. Six abbreviations all in one sentence. God, I'm bored. ^_^

This chair is squeaky. I'm one of the main editor people on the Watchpup and I get the squeaky chair. How unfair is that?

I can't believe it's only two days until spring break! That feels so weird. I've been waiting for it for a month and now it's finally here.

Oooh! And The Matrix: Revolutions DVD comes out in a few days! Then I can finally see it. ^_^ Gyaaaaaah! I can't find anywhere that's playing Ned Kelly. I wanna see that. And I really wanna see Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind again. I think I need to go see ROTK again at least one more time, too. I've only seen it four times so far. That's really sad... :(

And now class is over. Bye.
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More pretty icons: [ profile] chicken_icons
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Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... dumb teacher gave us a B because I printed out the older copy of the website before Rachel made more changes. So what we should've done is made next and back buttons, and I should've actually typed out the http://... stuff on the bibliography because she didn't look at the fucking website. She just looked at our printout and saw the names of the websites and said she couldn't tell what they were. And then we tried to show her that we did have it right and she was a bitch about it and said she wouldn't change our grade. I mean, yeah, we got a B, but I wanted an A, dammit! And we had concise notes! Short and to the point and not a whole page of 10 point font stuff! We didn't just read off the screen like all the idiots in the class.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Anyway, I'm happy because I don't have any geometry again for another week and a half! *pet pets the Rachel who still has geometry* And I don't have to be in this stupid class with all these losers (except Rachel!) for another week and a half. And I brought a salad for lunch! Yay! Real food! Salad dressing leaked a little, though... :( And now we still have more stupid presentations to listen to and they're all stupid.

Oh! Funny moment in English this morning. We all brought donuts and stuff for a big breakfast and at one point they were all sitting on Jessica's desk and Mr. Paugh came over and leaned over all of us to grab the donuts and it took him two or three tries and he almost toppled the other box trying to get to them. Silly teacher. But I love that class because we never really do much. We went over the notes we did last class on an essay and then Mr. Paugh went off on a tangent and never came back. That class is so fun. But it's so unbearably hot in there! It was at near-suffocation level at one point...

And Ms. LeGros says "Let's get through as many of the presentations as we can today." We've been sitting here twenty minujktes (which would've been 'minutes' if Rachel hadn't attacked my head with a beaker) and we still haven't done anything yet...

Beaker conches! And flask conches! You can hear the... well, not the ocean, but the pipes... if you put your ear up to them. Except for that there are no pipes anywhere nearby so it's kinda weird. But it's like when you go underwater in the bathtub and you can hear the water going through the water pipes. That's what it was like.

Bitchbitchbitchbitchbitch... hate the stupid geosystems teacher...

This is kinda like when we were doing English journals and I'd just ramble for awhile to fill up space.... And I doubt Mr. Paugh ever looked at those... Lazy teachers, all of them.

And I think I'm pretty much done now. Byebyes.
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Pretty Icons

I need to work on making my journal prettier... Need a better background, for one thing... I want a pretty HP background. Preferably something PoA... Remus... or Sirius... anime-style would be nice...
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English was long. Geometry was boring. Geosystems is... geosystems. Weather is blah. Day is bad.

So, weekend summary. Didn't go to International Night on Friday because I was lazy and I would've been lonely and it was much more fun to stay home and read fanfics. I love you, tarotgal. You're so awesome.
Saturday I went to lunch and shopping with Bethy and Rachel. And it was uber-fun. Ate at Bennigan's, had a yummy salad, then went to Dry Ice, Abercrombie, Build-A-Bear, Forever 21, Pottery Barn Kids, and Hot Topic, not in that order. So we went to Abercrombie first, because some crazy relative of Bethy's gave her a gift certificate. Abercrombie is scary, and loud, and I would actually like some of those clothes if I had a supermodel body, but I don't... so I don't. Next we went to Pottery Barn Kids. Omgsofuzzy! Stuffed animals are the most awesomest things in the world. They're sooooo soft. But the plush globe was stupid. It didn't have New Zealand. -_-
So next we went to Dry Ice and looked at all the crazy stuff (Bethy has pictures). Then we went to Build-A-Bear and looked at the dead bears and wanted to buy Sumisu-chan a whore poodle. Next was Forever 21, where we had fun fashion shows with the scary clothes. Fishnets are uncomfortable. And I found a really nice green corduroy shirt but it had a hole in it and it was $23 anyway. Oh, well.
After that we went to Hot Topic and watched Rachel drool over the Deppage. And I found a Sirius Black shirt and I want it sooooooooo much but it's so expensive. And it's really huge on me because it's a guy's shirt.
And then we went to Auntie Anne's and I got a pretzel and Rachel got lemonade. *does Edward Scissorhands voice* Lemonade? Bleeaaargh!
So that was the mall trip. It was fun. Needs to become a tradition, methinks.

Sunday I did my homework. -_- Then I went to see Eternal Sunshine with Laura and it was really good, but oh man, that movie messed with my brain. I think my brain's still kinda messed up even today... Really need to go see it again just to try to understand it more. And Elijah laughed! And it was so funny! Because his laugh is all weird and high-pitched. Afterwards, we walked around the shopping center and hung out in Borders. That was fun. And and and and and damn I forgot what I was going to say oh yeah! And I got to angry-kick Laura's purse and that was fun. Except that I made all the stuff in her purse spill out on the ground and we had to pick it up. Sorry, Laura. I talk to religion about you!

And now my stomach hurts and I'm gonna go sleep while Rachel does her geosystems lab.
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Very cool article. I wanna go there.

And note to self: go join FAKE lj groups when you get home.
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Yay! It's Friday! I'm going to International Night tonight, tomorrow I'm hopefully going to get my bed. Going out for dinner or shopping or something with Beth and Rachel afterwards. Sunday, I get to go see Eternal Sunshine with Laura. The only bad thing about this weekend is that I have to finish my field lab, but that'll take all of an hour or two. And I have geometry and geosystems homework. So yay!

So I went to GSA yesterday and that was fun. And then afterwards Theresa started introducing me to all her friends. (Thanks, Theresa. ^__^)

And today's a B-day and we have a sub in journalism so I get to do nothing all class.

Yay for fanart! And yay for Sirius/Remus fanart. Now I just have to remember to actually look at these when I get home...
And just so I remember, the pretty Harry Potter fanart is here.

Aaaaaand I really need to get around to making that website for Laura's LOTR drawings, because they're so cool and I want other people to see them, too. ^_^

And I think I'm basically done, now. Ja bai bai!
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Which Buffy Girl Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty


Avoidant:Very High
Dependent:Very High

-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

*sings* New Harry Potter trailer is very pretty... Makes me a little less scared to see the movie...
And I'll update more later, maybe, but right now I'm going to go make some food. *hugs rumbly tummy*
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So, Kerri needs to decide whether or not she wants a costume for Otakon. (And remember to get a check to pay Beth back -- Thanks Bethy. ^_^ )
Only thing about costumes is it needs to be fairly cheap because my mom won't spend money on me to wear something for only two or three days and I don't really want to spend an excessive amount of my own money. Suggestions, anyone?

Aaaaand I have a lot of stuff to do today:
-finish writing my field lab
-find the usb cord for the camera and upload my pics for my field lab
-geosystems project
-connections for English
-three words for English
-notes for English
-geosystems homework 14

Wow, this should be fun...

And this weekend I want to:
-possibly go and see if there are any fall clothes still on sale so I can by myself a nice jacket (or just go to the thrift store and see if they have anything interesting there, but I think I'd prefer new) Actually, what I'd prefer to do is go hunt down Dom and Elijah and steal their jackets... ^_^
-buy new socks -_- fun.
-get my bed? (oooh... I like this one... and this one... and this one...) (this bed has cool bedside tables, though...)
-try to make the LOTR website for Laura's pictures
-read more of On The Road
-look for colleges... -_-

Hmmm... I wonder if I can paint my bookshelves... Because if I can, then I don't need to spend as much money on buy new ones... And then maybe I could make them really cool-looking. Paint a mural on them or something... Oooh, fun.

And now I actually have to do something in journalism. Yay.
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Okay, so in English Mr. Paugh had the windows uncovered and the lights off, which gave the room this kind of creepy golden glow. All we did was read an essay and take notes on it. And then in geometry Laura wasn't there and all we did was take a quiz so I went to the library and looked at New Zealand books for an hour. Now I'm in geosystems and we have a sub and all we're doing today is a lab, which was really stupid and I finished that twenty minutes ago. So now I'm being incredibly bored and Rachel's not here and then I'm gonna go to history and be incredibly bored some more.

Note for Rachel ^_^

Rachel, I got homework 14 for you in geosystems. And the english assignment is to read page 304 in the book, "Is America Falling Apart?" and take a good note ^_^ because he's gonna give people sections to write about so you need to take notes on the whole thing. And then we also have to pick three words that have basically the same meaning but different connotations (like patriotism, nationalism, and chauvinism; or gossip, hearsay, and rumor) and basically define them and the differences between them.
And tell me what you want me to do on the project, because I don't want you to have to do the whole thing by yourself...

Aaaaand now I'm really really bored but I have nothing else to say. So goodbye people.
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Journalism class: My updating time of the day.
And I really wish that there had been a delay today... -__- Evil snow, not coming down here... Oh, well.
And I'm bored already and this keyboard is really loud and annoying, especially the space bar. Grrr...
Yay for Orli icons. I really have to go to [ profile] nixxie_'s website and look at all the icons there...
Okay... yeah... I'm not motivated to do anything at the moment... Should probably study for my Japanese PALS test but I'm not. Should probably be working on the newspaper but I'm not. All I really wanna do is go out on the ledge and sit there and write. Or to the library. I don't care. Instead I'm sitting here and acting like I'm working when I'm really not doing that, either.
Anyway, guess I'll be going now... bye.
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